i was recently turned on to a great band ‘gotye’. got hooked on his hit single with ‘kimbra’ “somebody that i used to know” – which has an awesome video. it’s very simple with one scene and two characters but it is endlessly entertaining. Not only because of how great the song is, but the visuals are well done. there’s also a little stop-motion and pixelation involved. take a look:

i heard the song a few times and i liked it. although it wasn’t until seeing a ‘walk off the earth’ cover that made me really get sucked in; purely by the fascination with their video. the entire band plays the ‘gotye’ cover with one guitar. all of them on one guitar.

while that rendition is really good, it only made me like the original song and video all the more. I think what i’m captured by is the amount of feeling that is put into the original video. the way the characters act. you can feel what they are going through. it’s very subtle but also very effective. this is lost in the cover version.

in hopes of arriving at a point, all this turned me on to gotye’s other video which are just as creative and artistic as the aforementioned – and all animations! kick ass. here they are, in order of my favorite.

being such a “cartoon modern” fan of course this video finds itself at the top.







keep on keepin’ on gotye!

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  1. Chuck says:

    The original song is def. better. The cover is cool in everything those guys can do on the one guitar. But, just song-wise, gotta go with the original.

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