family guy face-lift

a little late on this one but most likely no one realized that it happened.

filed under “what a waste”, family guy got a new intro to the show when it went hd last year. simpson’s did it.

they really didn’t change anything significant but overall the color palette got desaturated and muted. especially in the house. among the noticeable changes – shading, 3d backgrounds, perfectly vector lines, gradients on background elements ie. the stairs in the house, and walls (yuck).

my favorite of all the changes are the reflections on the ground in the broadway-esque scene. yay. this is actually what made me notice the new look. reflections are so hot right now.

here are some comparison shots.

the only thing that ever bothered me about the original opening was the really, really bad perspective drawings of the circular leveled platform the family is seen on at the end of the titles. this is the kind of perspective you get from bad animators or passing small amount of keys to korean animators.


the animation industry suffers and will continue to suffer because even when there is care put into animated tv shows, horror stories come along with it. like $400 for 3 days of no sleeping to finish a sequence ( cartoon network ). the alternative is send it overseas snd get it even cheaper, would you believe it? a skilled labor for less than $15 per hour? a barista makes more money. i digress, while i was annoyed with the horrible poor drawings of the stage on the final shot, now i kind of miss it.

imperfections have a certain charm.



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